Why a Container?

Besides wanting to build a shipping container for years, there are several reasons why they should be used, specifically on rocky terrain. The strength of containers are known to most engineers, these boxes are carried around the world in the harshest of conditions in an incredibly corrosive environment and ae constantly under load and stress. 

Using these containers as building elements and focussing on the strengths of containers in Glen Ridge was a no brainer. Below are a couple of examples of containers being built around the world.

Since there are not too many shipping container builds around South Africa, the learning curve is quite high and the use of traditional building materials is a limiting factor as to what is possible, that said we are also no wanting to create a super modern structure, which is often what is associated with shipping container builds.

Below is a copy of our plan which were approved by both Council and the NHBRC. In the past the NHBRC did not recognise shipping containers as a building product, but with the uptake of the use of shipping containers world wide where is has become common, it has finally been accepted in South Africa. In order for it to be approved by for the use in building, it requires either a Agrement Certificate, or a Rational Plan created by a licensed engineer.

There have been some changes to the Elevations and the engineers drawings have allowed for some changes to the cantilevered front but all in all the above should be the final facade.