Want Some Help?

Building your own shipping container home can be fraught with difficulties such as dealing with council or making sure you understand what and where to cut. Due to the number of people coming to look, based on the fact that traditional building has become so expensive we have decided to provide a SOLUTIONS based offering. Essentially we are prepared to help in whatever manner you require.

Plans & Engineering

Dealing with Council

Project Management 


The biggest problem with council is that it takes forever to get plans approved, to get Shipping Container Plans approved is a little harder. What is also important to recognise is that architects deal in bricks and mortar, few architect recognise the cons associated with containers and therefore design without a full understanding.

What is clearly very important is that you dont cut away part of the structure which is critical to the integrity. What is not so clear is what you can do and not do, which will effect the structure down the line. LIttle things like knowing where to cut before placing the containers and how to best support them.

We fully support your individuality and we suggest you do as much of the work yourself! But you should also recognise and understand your potential, if you can plaster and skim wall by all means do it, if you need someone to do a great job, that is where we come in.

One thing we know is where and how to save money. This can be done without betraying the overall quality of the build. The entire build is focussed on reusing and upcycling as much as possible and getting as much architechtural items when they are available in advance. This is not only cheaper than buying bespoke items for your build but it also allows you to more artistic in your approach.

What was surpising is where we spent money because it is not immediately evident. A lot of money can be saved with the right guidance. Hire tools... or buy tools, what is best tool for what requirement?  Sounds obvious till your realise that you could have bought the tool several times over...