Survey Data

Survey with a Drone

Since the plot is not deemed as residential until the occupation certificate has been provided, I was able to use the drone on the plot to take photos in roughly 3-4m gaps shooting both down and obliquely. 

Virtual Surveyor and Sketchup

Once the servey was done, I was interested to see how the house would interact with the landscape. Paying particular attention to where the shadows would fall in the courtyard and where the sun would fall in the house during both winter and summer. To achieve this I used Virtual Surveyor and Sketchup.   

Orthorectified Images and Digital Elevation Model

The above are output options one can use to develop an understanding of the terrain. It became evident that we would not be able to build conventionally due to the rocky terrain without a substantial financial input in econstructing the ground.

Click on the below link to download a PDF with the full report of the terrain model