Cutting the Containers (Week 3)

So the elctricity dept guys arrived today, we have no box to connect to, the closest is about 150m away, so the entire road way is going to have to be dug up, which means we have to keep using generators. Really annoying. Same thing with the  Sewerage connection. Nadda there, they have to dig up the road too. Meanwhile we are cutting away the deck section and the 45 degree section, posts must be welded in place to support the roof. The internal walls are being cut out. I felt a bit of a sag on the one section when we cut the entire wall away. This is  expected as you are cutting way part of the stucture, this will become completely rigid again when we weld it to the other floor. Essentially you weld everything to everything else, if it does not meow or bark weld it!