Cutting the Containers (Week 2)

It is all getting very exciting now!  The house is starting to take shape... well perhaps it is a bit it is a little optimistic to think it looks like a house... but in 2 weeks time it should look significantly different! What has not been mentioned is that we had a lot of NIMBY's (NOT IN MY  BACK YARD!!) complaining to council about the structure... It is crazy to think people actually think it is going to stay this way forever. 3 inspectors later they assumed we had had contravened the by laws... but it turns out we have not... Like everyone else I think they were shocked by how imposing it is... But it is not finished so  NIMBY's should relax a bit!  Again, I would like to thank all the people who are so positive and forward thinking! We really appreciate the smiles and thumbs up!